A unique city with a thousand-year history


The hotel stands in Campo Rielo, Santa Croce, in the ancient heart of Venice, a few steps from the Grand Canal. What better starting point could you ever find for a discovery of the hidden settings behind every corner of this charming city!

Venice is extraordinary not only because it is literally built on the water, but also because it is thousand years old and its history is unique.
It was founded fifteen hundred years ago on a pool of muddy terrain in the middle of the lagoon. It was known as the “Serenissima”, and in short a time, it became one of the most important cities in Europe due to its strategic location.

Key hub of the commercial and business relationship between East and West, at the peak of its power, Venice controlled a huge empire, that extended from the Dolomites in the north to Cyprus. Venice had supremacy in the south-eastern Mediterranean sea.